About Us

Glamour Academyy

... is the One Sttop Solution For Talent.

We at Glamour Academyy, provide an opportunity to the students, to enhance their interest & skills in various cultural activities.

In our State-of-the-art studios, the students are groomed & nurtured in most professional manner to make them not only competent but also excellent.

This is the door for theor New & Bright future. Here they will get an opportunity to live their life Glamours...

Our Objectives

  • To develop extra curricular skills
  • To develop creativity
  • To develop Mental Health
  • To facilitate the nurturing of spirit of enquiry in students
  • To awaken the students to the competitive nature of the day
  • To provide an independent platform for art to the students
  • To expand the perimeters of childhood
  • To honour social commitment through the medium of art
  • To perpetuate artistic trait in individual & preserve the "Human" in man

Our Philosophy

It is believed that an artist is inborn with skills.

The truth is that there is a talent in each one of us. All that is needed to identify the talent & nurturing it in the right manner at the right age.

Our aim behind organising event is to create a liking for the art,

creating an awareness of the emotion, conveying capabilities of the medium, cultivating inborn talent & spreading awareness of the competitive spirit of our times.

It is our responsibility

& we have therefore been doing to help the children for their skills & to promote them through this event.
A portion of the revenue generated through sponsorship, is being set aside for promoting the talent of deserving students.

Awesome Team

  • Name -
    Navin Thakur

  • Designation -
    Founder & Managing Director